Lamcote Dig

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Address   Adbolton Lane


                                                         Interim Report   5/7/16

List of finds


Modern (1750 to present day)

Spits 1 and 2 had mixed content of coke, burnt material, glass, slate, nails, painted asbestos.

Spit 3  consisted of a layer of roughly laid bricks and some slate. Bricks 9 x 4 1/2” x 2 3/4”

Spit 4   A piece of clay pipe bowl. Bone with knuckle.  Melted glass.

Spit 7   Glass and snail? Shell.


Spit 6   Jaw bone with single tooth of fox of dog.

Spit 7 onwards was a silty sand red brown material, alluvium

Spit 11   Small bones in an animal made tunnel.

The site looked to be builders waste on a laid brick surface, possibly a yard.

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