Scout Hall Dig

Scout Hall Dig

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A dig in the Scout Hall gardens took place over the weekend and bank holiday.

Geology report and Finds report now available.

*More information and pictures coming soon*




Address    Scout Hall

Interim Report 27/6/16


List of finds

Modern (1750 to present day)

Spits 1-3 had mixed content of burnt material, nails, wood, clay pipe stem, 1974 one pence, modern stainless steel knife, modern brass hinge with a layer of 10mm gravel on the NE side. Size of gravel increasing as spit deepened.

Spit 4

Concrete lumps up to 170mm long. Part modern tile. Large terracotta? pot fragment part fired.


Post Medieval

Spit 5

Glazed pot



Spit 5

Struck flint bulb



Spit 6   Mudstone with charcoal mixed in south side. Clay above pebble surface.

Spit 7   Dirt and pebbles up to 40mm

Spit 8, 9   Coarse sand and large pebbles up to 40mm

Spit 3   9 ¼ “x 4 ½” x 2 3/8” modern brick


The site had been raised approximately 60cm and had subsequently been used as a burning area. The flint and the pot were almost certainly contained in the material brought in locally to build up the site

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